How to Remove a Tree on Your Own

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Removing a tree is a huge decision, and it must not be taken lightly. One good reason to remove a tree is if it is ill and dying, or completely dead. It is a good idea to remove them because they are posing a danger to the surrounding area and they might spread diseases to other trees.

Other reasons for removing a tree is when they are getting in the way of a driveway or electric wires, and if you are planning to build a house or a building in its area. But this is where the decision gets complicated because once a tree is removed, it will take you decades to grow them back again. So think deeply and decide if the tree is worth removing.

If you choose on removing it, there are professional tree removal Portland, OR who are willing to do the work for you. If, however, you choose to do it on your own, read this guide, so you will know the proper steps of removing it. If the tree is too big and tall, however, do not do it on your own because it is too dangerous and risky.


  • Gloves
  • Chainsaw
  • Handsaw
  • Drill
  • Chemicals

Step 1. Estimate the height

The first thing to do is to calculate the height of the tree. After obtaining a measurement, establish a circular perimeter around the tree with the estimated height. Make sure that there aren’t any objects in your perimeter like electric wires and other things. If there is a possibility that tree will fall on the property of your neighbor, inform them and obtain consent.

Step 2. Prepare escape routes

For your safety, you have to establish escape routes before you begin on felling the tree. To make a good escape route, your first have to determine where you will want the tree to fall. Observe where the tree is naturally leaning into, that is the direction where the tree would easily fall into. Set up two escape routes that are in different directions from the angle of the tree, these paths should be clear of objects so you can run uninterrupted if the tree starts to fall.

Step 3. Felling

After estimating the height and preparing the escape routes, you can begin the actual process of cutting the tree. You can use a handsaw for smaller trees, but it is better to use chainsaw a with trees that have a trunk of 1-foot diameter.

After deciding the direction of where you want the tree to fall, make a V-cut in the tree on that direction. This cut is called the undercut, it should penetrate at least a quarter of the diameter of the trunk.

After the undercut, you have to do the back-cut, which is a cut opposite from the undercut. It should be at least above 2 inches from the undercut, and it has to be in a straight line. As the back-cut approaches the undercut, the tree would slowly begin to fall. Prepare to get out of the way and run to your escape routes.

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Putting Down the Mighty Tree

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Trees provide many things that can benefit not just human beings, but animals and the environment as well. They provide shade during hot days and cool the environment with their leaves, nesting grounds for birds and other animals, food as well as oxygen for us human beings to breathe. Their roots give strength to the soil preventing erosion, and can greatly reduce the risk of floods with their roots absorbing the water from the ground. However, trees like any other living creature, can get sick or hurt and be damaged as well, and trees that have broken branches or damaged trunks can serve as a risk to the environment around them. In these cases, The choice of whether to cut down the tree or not has to be made.

There are so many benefits that you can get from trees that thinking of cutting one down or removing them leaves people asking why. Not only do they provide many environmentally positive benefits, but they also add beauty to the environment around them, with trees coming in different sizes, colors, with different fruits and flowers. Trees however that aren’t maintained properly, or get damaged through natural calamities can be a hazardous risk to the environment it is in. When deciding whether a tree should be permanently removed or not, some things need to be asked, and this can determine whether a tree should be left alone, or eventually removed.

Trees, as we know, grow to sizes of humungous proportions, and this growth can serve as a threat to houses, buildings, and even electrical power lines. They may not grow enough or to reach those objects but in events that would possibly knock the tree over, this could serve as a major threat to could lead to serious injuries or even casualties, and expensive repairs.

If trees aren’t properly taken cared of, like any other living creature or organism, they can get sick and start decaying. Trees that are unhealthy can be a major hazard as it can get weak and compromise the strength of the tree. Sick trees can have hollow trunks that can cause it to collapse through time. In these cases, it is best to have the tree removed.

Trees can also develop dead branches if not properly maintained. Branches that are larger in size that are dead could snap and fall without warning. This can be a serious threat to people and animals that walk along the vicinity of these trees that can cause grave injuries or even casualties. Tree trimming or complete tree removal in Hickory should be done with trees in these conditions.

Trees also grow in unpredictable patterns, and trees that are leaning towards one side and growing towards that general direction can eventually fall which can also cause expensive damage as well as injuries.

Trees are one of the nature’s most beautiful creations, but if not maintained properly, can be a serious threat to the environment they are in. In these situations, it is best to have the tree removed as not to cause any danger to the community.

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7 Reasons to Hire a Professional Home Stager

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If you’re planning to sell your home soon, you might want to consider hiring a professional and experienced home staging service provider. If you do not believe in home staging, think again as it can certainly help you sell your home faster, while giving you the maximum value. On that note, you can find below some of the many reasons you should consider using the professional services on an expert home staging service provider.

Home Stager

1. Home Staging Helps You Sell Your Property Faster

A recent study shown that the longer a home stays on the market, the greater the price will drop. In addition to that, houses that remained for sale on the market for about thirteen to twenty-four weeks sold for 6.4 percent less than its originally listed price. On the other hand, those homes that stayed on the market like about four to six weeks sold for five percent less than its original price. This is the reason why it’s highly recommended that you use a professional and experienced home staging service provider in order to sell your home much faster.

2. Lots of Home Sellers Cannot View Their Houses Objectively

If a home seller can’t view his or her home objectively, then packaging them in an effective and efficient manner will certainly be a big challenge. However, by getting a professional and reputable home stager, you will be able to make sure that your house is viewed objectively and it is hence packaged in a more convincing manner to the eyes of potential homebuyers.

3. Most Homebuyers Can’t See the Home’s Potential

This is actually considered as the most important reasons for hiring a professional and experienced home staging service provider as they get your house into a specific condition that can allow potential home buyers to see all the benefits of living your house.

4. Home Staging Makes You Feel Relaxed

Should you decide to use the professional services of an expert home staging service provider, you can rest worry free knowing that it is all you need in order to sell your home for great value in the most efficient, effective as well as fast manner.

5. Home Staging Helps You Make More Money 

Oftentimes, the average cost of home staging constitutes less than one percent of the asking price of a home. But, the good news is that it can generate up to eight to ten percent in returns, making it a very valuable thing to consider when you are planning to put your home on sale in the near future.

6. Home Staging Can Be a Really Great Investment 

A recent survey conducted by experts showed that around two thousand realtors found than investing in home staging can generate up to 556 percent returns.

7. Home Staged Photos Often Stand Outfromthe Competition 

Recent studies have shown than more than eighty five percent of consumers do their thorough research online prior to buying products and that applies to buying homes as well.

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